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Blog posts tagged with 'Sales and Marketing'

Bankruptcy Lawyers Need to Become Better Salesmen

Crain's Chicago Business reported that law firms are turning to non-lawyers for sales help.  See writer Steven R. Strahler, CCB online, 2/22/14.  Mr. Strahler stated that Baker & McKenzie LLP hired non-lawyer Gregory Fleischmann from Deloitte LLP to be Baker's director of global marketing in its Chicago office.

Some law firms are hiring outside marketing/sales firms to train lawyers to sell.  Through history, lawyers relied on themselves or other lawyers within their firms to conduct business development.  Now times are changing.

The same is true among bankruptcy lawyers, especially young lawyers.  Bankruptcy lawyers need to learn their craft and market themselves effectively.  This does not come naturally for most lawyers, since most lawyers would say they did not go to law school to become salesmen.  The truth is self-evident:  bankruptcy lawyers need to learn marketing and sales to attract the clients these lawyers wish to serve.

-Attorney Robert Schaller