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Certificate Program



Earn Your Certificate

Get recognized by your peers and prospective clients as a top bankruptcy attorney in the USA. Earning the certified Bankruptcy Scholar designation from National Bankruptcy Academy demonstrates to the world that you are among the elite of the consumer bankruptcy bar. But, the certificate isn’t given away --- IT MUST BE EARNED!

As a Bankruptcy Scholar, you enjoy many advantages over your competition. The Bankruptcy Scholar designation helps you attract additional clients by setting yourself apart from and as more qualified than average attorneys. Clients will be impressed by the Bankruptcy Scholar designation and more inclined to engage you because of the perceived competency and expertise afforded by the Bankruptcy Scholar designation.

Bankruptcy Scholars can utilize the designation in all marketing materials, resumes, and curriculum vitae. Proudly display that you are a Bankruptcy Scholar on your firm letterhead by adding the National Bankruptcy Academy logo. The logo can also be downloaded and displayed on your firm’s website. The Bankruptcy Scholar designation should be listed on all articles you publish in legal journals. Plus, marketing materials become more effective when you can affirmatively demonstrate your bankruptcy expertise.

If you want to be recognized by your peers for demonstrated knowledge in bankruptcy law, or if you want to obtain additional clients by enhancing your marketing materials, then take the next step and register to take the EXAM.

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