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Of Counsel Program

Of Counsel Training

Why Bankruptcy Training is Right for You...Right Now!

National Bankruptcy Academy's Of Counsel training sessions have been tailored to attorneys who want sufficient bankruptcy training to be hired by bankruptcy attorneys for independent contractor work, court-coverage for motion practice, and Section 341 coverage.

Tuition is affordable and an investment in yourself and your future.

Of Counsel training is different from Boot Camp sessions and the intensive 40-hour Academic Program in intensity, scope, and price. Of Counsel training is quick and broad in scope. In contrast, the core curriculum of the Academic Program is intensive, detailed, and designed to train attorneys to begin representing clients upon graduation.

Record number of bankruptcy case filings have been filed over the years.  During the next 12 months alone, over 1,000,000 bankruptcy cases are expected to be filed. Think of the client-building opportunities!

Bankruptcy law is booming because of the prolonged economic downturn stimulated by the consumer debt and home mortgage crisis. These economic conditions have led to a marked increase in both business and consumer bankruptcy case filings. Plus, bankruptcy's tentacles have extended far beyond its core constituency and have spread into other non-bankruptcy substantive areas.

Basic bankruptcy training is essential whether you want to start a bankruptcy practice or whether you need to understand the implications bankruptcy has upon your existing practice area. Many lawyers are joining the bankruptcy gold rush because of the substantial profits afforded to bankruptcy attorneys. Other lawyers need to know the basics because the US Bankruptcy Code's automatic stay and discharge provisions profoundly impact their existing practices (e.g. divorce, contract, foreclosure, fiduciary duty breaches, real estate, employment, etc).

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