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Academic Program Summary!

No Prior Experience Required

Become a competent, skilled and proficient bankruptcy attorney by attending the intensive 40-hour Academic Program offered by National Bankruptcy Academy.

The Academic Program is geared to attorneys with minimal or no prior bankruptcy experience who want to start their own legal practice, obtain a new job at a law firm, or increase their chances of partnership at an existing law firm. Attorneys just out of law school are also invited.

By developing a profitable consumer bankruptcy practice, attorneys could increase revenues, maximize profits, be perceived as more valuable by existing partners, or be sought after by partners in other firms.

The Academic Program offers an intensive specialized substantive and procedural training program. At the completion, candidates will be qualified, proficient, and competent bankruptcy certified attorneys who should have the immediate ability to practice bankruptcy law: obtain clients, in-take clients, and create bankruptcy documents and pleadings.

Candidates will also gain the technical expertise to represent clients at Section 341 trustee meetings, and handle court hearings. Your National Bankruptcy Academy training tells the world that you have the technical skill necessary to professionally handle consumer bankruptcy cases with the competence and capability demanded by the Supreme Court.

Attorneys are expected to attend the lectures, participate in classroom discussions, pass the final exam, and complete the hands-on-training. Candidates must demonstrate competence at in-taking clients, participating at Section 341 meeting of creditors, and representing clients at court hearings. Participation in class discussions and role-playing is mandatory. The Academic Program is run by a seasoned bankruptcy attorney with 28 years of legal experience.

The training will focus on the following:

1. Developing a fully functional bankruptcy office.
2. Mastering substantive bankruptcy laws.
3. Implementing procedural rules.
4. Understanding procedural and substantive tactics & strategies
5. Participating in extensive role playing.
6. Learning bankruptcy software
7. Creating bankruptcy pleadings, plans, and schedules.
8. Drafting motions, applications, answers, and objections.
9. Engaging and in-taking new clients.
10. Marketing your practice
11. Learning the US Bankruptcy Court's website services.
12. And more!

The Group Academic Program is designed for small groups.  The Executive Academic Program is designed for a single attorney or firm at the firm's private office.  

If you possess a heartfelt desire to build a respected legal career, along with the vision and drive to succeed, then take the first step  and register today by clicking the icon on this page.

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