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Interactive Role-Playing!

The Academic Program at National Bankruptcy Academy provides “real world” experience to its candidates so that these attorneys can “hit the ground running” upon graduation.

Visual observation and active role playing will teach, develop and hone the necessary skills to represent future bankruptcy clients immediately upon graduating from the Academic Program at National Bankruptcy Academy.

Upon graduation, bankruptcy certification holders will have received the specialized educational training to be technically proficient to handle the essentials:

  1. Client-intake regarding financial data, including: assets, liabilities, income and expenses.
  2. Client representation at Section 341 trustee meetings of creditors.
  3. Client representation at Court hearings regarding motions to dismiss, motions to lift stay, motions to extend stay, motions to vacate, applications for fees, motions to strip liens, objections to claims, etc.
  4. And more!

If you possess a heartfelt desire to build a respected legal career, along with the vision and drive to succeed, then take the first step and register today.

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